WhatsApp Introduces New Privacy Features and Leaves Groups ‘Silently’

New privacy features of WhatsApp Today

In a statement, WhatsApp announced new privacy features, such as the ability to leave groups invisibly, that will be available later this month.

New privacy features of WhatsApp Today 2022?

Recently, WhatsApp announced several new privacy features for the well-known medium of communication that will soon be available to all users. You can hide your “Online” status indicator, leave WhatsApp groups quietly without letting other members know, and you can also help stop screenshots from being taken of specific messages.

Choose who can see when you are ‘Online’

The ‘Online’ status indicator can now be shared with whoever the user chooses on WhatsApp. Although the online status is useful when users want their friends and family to know they are using the app, it can be a hassle when using WhatsApp privately.

Leaving WhatsApp groups silently feature

In the near future, WhatsApp will also enable silent group exits for all users, allowing them to leave any groups they are a part of without alerting other users. This is helpful if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself when leaving a group, especially one that you have been a part of for a while and where leaving might be awkward.

WhatsApp announces new privacy features

The founder and CEO of WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed the new upcoming WhatsApp features earlier today (previously Facebook). The new privacy features that will be added to the app are described in detail along with when you can expect in the future using them.

WhatsApp Block screenshots features

A ‘View Once’ message that has been blocked from screenshots by the sender will soon no longer be accessible to WhatsApp users. The function is a wonderful addition to the “View Once” feature, which allows users to send pictures or videos without leaving a digital trace of them. As you might have guessed, sending a “View Once” text loses its own purpose when screenshots of such messages are taken.

WhatsApp has said that the feature will be available to users “soon,” but it hasn’t given a specific release date or timeline. The platform has also stated that the feature is currently being tested, and once any bugs have been fixed, a rollout shouldn’t take too long.

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