Terms and Conditions

SR Digital Marketing 24/7 strives to deal with its customers in a timely and professional manner. By engaging SR Digital Marketing 24/7 with their customers, the users will be accepting the terms and conditions written below: The Contract
  • SR Digital Marketing 24/7 and clients will create an independent contractor relationship, i.e. interference by a third-party is not allowed.
  • Since the day you said yes to the services, the charges will be applicable from that date.
  • A monthly performance report will be provided to the customers.
  • Either party may not transfer services to a third party or cancel the services before a prior notice of a maximum of 20 business days.
  • SR Digital Marketing 24/7 has the right to subcontract another party for some tasks.
  • If customers are getting any monthly service package from SR Digital Marketing 24/7, they have to pay the full payment before the start of the work.
  • If SR Digital Marketing 24/7 and clients consent to a fixed quote related to any service, then customers have to pay a 50% bill in advance, before the start of the work. The remaining 50% bill will be paid within 7 days before the deadline of the work.
  • SR Digital Marketing 24/7 will invoice monthly in advance to the customers.
  • If the customer is not able to pay a monthly bill, then SR Digital Marketing 24/7 will terminate the project.
  • SR Digital Marketing 24/7 will not be responsible for any loss due to delays in services, where the delay is due to ungovernable or natural causes.
  • The customers will defend SR Digital Marketing 24/7 harmless from and against all losses, claims, expenses, and liabilities regarding services offered by SR Digital Marketing 24/7 to the customers under this agreement, including without limitation claims that are made by third parties regarding any false advertising claims, services sold by the customer, copyright, claims because of disruption, or for any content that is given by you for publication by SR Digital Marketing 24/7.
  • Any content submitted by the customers to SR Digital Marketing 24/7 for publication will be accessible to the audience when it is published. SR Digital Marketing 24/7 will not be liable for any damages.
  • During the term of the service contract, if we are not able to insist upon your obligations’ strict performance under the service contract, then it will not free you from any obligations mentioned in the terms and conditions and will not compose a waiver.
  • The terms and conditions’ waiver will be valid if it is given to you in writing.
Privacy Rights
  • Information, like name, phone number, website URL, and email submitted by the customers by filling the contact form will be remained confidential and not be shown to the third party, without their prior agreement. However, this data will be privy to SR Digital Marketing 24/7 employees.
  • SR Digital Marketing 24/7 will take preventive measures to prevent the loss or misuse of your personal details.
  • Data transfer is insecure and any type of insecurity related to this cannot be guaranteed by SR Digital Marketing 24/7.
  • Even though, we make use of SSL encrypted technology for making money transactions to make sure high security against online fraud.
  • SR Digital Marketing 24/7 uses cookies to keep track of the browsing information of web users and we may use cookies to collect statistical data about your browsing pattern for site optimization.
  • Some third party advertisers have their ad links on our site and they may also use cookies to get statistical information about you. But in no way cookies provide access to any of your personal details either to us or a third party entity.
* SR Digital Marketing 24/7 has the right to change the above terms and conditions at any time, including during the time of on-going contract and modifications in terms and conditions will be provided to the customers via company email.